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MW2: Configs - Multiplayer Specific Notes | November 10, 2009 | Posted by PPN

MW2 appears difficult to tweak.

Here are the single player and multiplayer configs for MW2, courtesy of Spaced Farout:


Spaced Farout from Germany via

Console Commands

The console does not work like it used to. Some cVars can be changed but you have to manually change them in the config file.

Note that some changes to the config will just result in the file being wiped. The game just deletes it and then recreates it on restart.

An error message stating that there is a problem loading the configuration file is common. Obviously, having a back-up configuration is a must if you try tweaking this file.

Apparently, game volume, fps and mouse sensitivity changes can be made without the over-write issue.


Another reader, who was using a Core 2 Duo running at stock 3.0 Ghz with 8 GB of RAM and a GTX 260 standard edition (without all the stream processors active) Windows Vista Ultimate x64 with all current updates and the latest beta drivers for the graphics card, was getting 50fps with default settings during the training mission, 100fps looking down range. Anti-aliasing was set off due to the demanding visuals in-game.

Those are (barely) good numbers for a pub, but certainly they are poor for any competitive gaming.

You are able to change the maxFPS cap by editing the config file itself. Note that changing that variable through the console is not currently possible.

Default setting is seta com_maxfps "85".


Currently this is set at 65 and appears hard wired



Max packets is set low by default, \seta cl_maxpackets "30" and snaps are set to "20". If this game could have actually been played on a proper dedicated server, this setting would have generate somewhat poor registration. Of course, the game is listen-server-based and the poor registration that was expected is currently being reported. This is unsurprising given the higher potential for poor quality connections now possible.


Apparently, Alt+Tab works in the singleplayer mode but not in multiplayer. Get yourself fragged in S&D and you will simply have to find another way to entertain yourself until the game is over.

Differences in the CoD4 and MW2 config CVARS

New commands for MW2 are noted below (there are quite a few cvars missing from CoD4 and are apparently now hard-wired, so to speak). Change these in your config_mp which is located in DRIVE:\path\to\Valve\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Modern Wafare 2\players

Note the splatter, shatter and water commands which indicate some visualization improvements over the CoD4 engine.

seta cg_drawStatsSource "0"

seta cg_drawViewpos "0"

seta cg_splatterHitAlpha "1"
seta cg_splatterHitFadeInTime "0.05"
seta cg_splatterHitFadeOutTime "0.1"
seta cg_splatterHitFullInTime "0"
seta cg_splatterHitInnerAngle "15"
seta cg_splatterHitInnerRadius "0"
seta cg_splatterHitOuterAngle "30"
seta cg_splatterHitOuterRadius "0.6"
seta cg_splatterTrackAlpha "1"
seta cg_splatterTrackFadeInTime "0"
seta cg_splatterTrackFadeOutTime "0.5"
seta cg_splatterTrackFullInTime "0.3"
seta cg_splatterTrackInnerAngle "5"
seta cg_splatterTrackInnerRadius "0.4"
seta cg_splatterTrackOuterAngle "20"
seta cg_splatterTrackOuterRadius "0.6"

seta cg_waterSheeting_brightness "0"
seta cg_waterSheeting_contrast "1"
seta cg_waterSheeting_darkTint "1 1 1"
seta cg_waterSheeting_desaturation "0"
seta cg_waterSheeting_distortionScaleFactor "0.021961 1 0 0"
seta cg_waterSheeting_enable "0"
seta cg_waterSheeting_fadeDuration "2"
seta cg_waterSheeting_lightTint "0.780261 1 1"
seta cg_waterSheeting_magnitude "0.0655388"
seta cg_waterSheeting_radius "4.44051"

seta glass_angular_vel "5 35"
seta glass_debug "0"
seta glass_edge_angle "5 10"
seta glass_fall_delay "0.2 0.9"
seta glass_fall_gravity "800"
seta glass_fall_ratio "1.5 3"
seta glass_fringe_maxcoverage "0.2"
seta glass_fringe_maxsize "150"
seta glass_fx_chance "0.25"
seta glass_hinge_friction "50"
seta glass_linear_vel "200 400"
seta glass_max_pieces_per_frame "100"
seta glass_max_shatter_fx_per_frame "6"
seta glass_physics_chance "0.15"
seta glass_physics_maxdist "512"
seta glass_shard_maxsize "300"
seta glass_shattered_scale "48"
seta glass_trace_interval "100"

seta intro "0"
seta laserLight "1"
seta laserLightWithoutNightvision "0"

seta r_blacklevel "0"

seta useMapPreloading "1"
seta useSvMapPreloading "1" 

Some more of the useful commands we can use to customize our game.

// Max amount of frames shown per second
seta com_maxfps "250" (default is 85)

// Disables weapon brass (default is 1)
seta cg_brass "0"

// Amount of time that the chat will show (default is 12000)
seta cg_chatTime "4000"

// Show the "Hold *** to hold breath text (default is 1)
seta cg_drawBreathHint "1"

// Max packets, by putting it higher your ping will be a lot 
more stable (default is 30) seta cl_maxpackets "100" // Shows your ping in a lagometer, you will see exactly when you
have the slighest change in ping (Default is 0) seta drawLagometer "1" // Dynamic environment, objects won't move when are shot
at/exploded etc (default is 1) seta dynEnt_active "0" // Anti-aliasing, can go from 1 to 16 (default is 2) seta r_aaSamples "4" // Distortion effect from weapons/explosions (default is 1) seta r_distortion "0" // Play in full-screen or Windowed (default is 1) seta r_fullscreen "1" // Enable/disable ragdoll (default is 1) seta ragdoll_enable "1" // Choose range to show details such as grass, trees and other objects.
The higher the more FPS you get, from 1 to 4 (default is 1) seta r_lodScaleRigid "4"

I would really appreciate if we could all use this post to tell us new useful commands found. I would also highly appreciate if someone found a way to make say binds, draw fps, or fov 80+.

Update 2

The following settings can be set in-game, without the need for changing the configuration file. You can thus set up somewhat modified games.

  • Disable perks
  • Disable killstreak bonuses
  • Change round length time (S&D)
  • Spawn lives (S&D)
  • Bomb timer
  • Kill cam (on, off, team only)
  • Health regen variations
  • Round switching
  • Bomb plant time
  • Bomb defuse time
  • Multibomb on/off
  • Number of rounds (score limit)

COD: MW2 will NOT support dedicated servers and more.. | October 20, 2009 | Posted by PPN

First, a disclaimer for this post:

I do not have any information, above and beyond that which has already been announced and verified. Unfortunately we've waited for weeks now with no response from either company. I've sat on this thought for quite a while knowing that it's merely speculation.

Anyone able to think back, past the screenshots and juicy trailers we've had sprinkled on us, will probably remember that not all news about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was rosy. In fact there's a growing trend of distaste right up until the shock announcment (if we can really call it that) made to the PC Community.

To date the contention between developer and publisher has been brushed aside. Each company no doubt has their own ambitions and goals, but it's only now that this may have had some counter-productive effect on the consumer. I hereby present to you, the pieces of this puzzle, in no particular order.

Infinity Ward CEO claims Activision didn't want to use the modern theatre of war. ... ?id=224900

Vince Zampella, speaking to Official Playstation Magazine, claimed that "Activision also did not want Modern Warfare. They thought working on a modern game was risky and [thought], 'oh my god you can't do that, it's crazy!'".

Robert Bowling has to publicly deny rumours that Call of Duty: MW2 will have a monthly fee.
viewtopic.php?p=720244#p720244 ... on-of-act/

After rumours surrounding Bobby Kotick's policies as he stepped into Activision's CEO spot (second link). Infinity Ward was forced to declare that no such monetary scheme would take place in MW2, despite the clear aims of it's publishers to gain further profit.

Infinity Ward claims a tighter grip over marketing ... -marketing

Robert Bowling claims in an interview with MCV that the developers will be holding the reins on all marketing, "working with Activision on when and how details should be given to the press." With few actual details provided BEFORE the announcement. Is this a sign that the two houses couldn't reach a common decision? Or does name-dropping Activision further hint as to where the source of the problems lay.

Infinity Ward kept the game a secret from Activision until very late on in development

Speaking to OXM, Robert Bowling (who by this stage probably has a sore throat) mentioned that the game was kept away from Activision until very late on in development. Peculiar, but given their earlier gamble with the first Modern Warfare that subsequentally lead to world record breaking success, you can see why Activision may have relented. Most interestingly however are Bowling's parting words: "That's really what's important, our relationship with us and our fans, and not so much us and Activision, or us and retailers or anything like that."
To us it sounds hypocritical, but from Activisions point of view? Sorry fella's, you're just second best.

So taking all the above into consideration, here's my thoughts:

Infinity Ward, spurred by earlier success with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, elect to go against the grain once again for round 2. Activision can rest a little easier, knowing that built on the hype of the first game this one is a lot less of a risk to bear. It's probably for this reason that they decide to back down, and not look over IW's shoulder as they do what they do best.

Meanwhile Bobby Kotick is busy penning his next series of often hillarious (and scary) insights on how to wring a gamer's pockets dry, casting Activision in a negative light and forcing Infinity Ward to start disassociating themselves with their publisher.

September 22nd, nearing the end of our wait for MW2 and Robert Bowling holds an interview with shacknews (, towards the bottom claiming that "PC will be the same as it always was". This is further clarified by intervies with Todd Alderman, Lead Multiplayer Designer for the game, who fails to mention any such change, just the day before ( ... esigner-t/).

Suddenly, the tune changes. Long-term Call of Duty Fan-site, presents us with the bombshell that COD: MW2 will NOT support dedicated servers.

So what happened in less than a month?

Well the pieces are all there, we know that Infinity Ward until recently had confessed no changes to the PC version, and even claimed it would be the same as it always had been. We know that Activision, under Bobby Kotick was agressively pursuing changes to the financial arrangements of it's bestsellers and further the profits from core titles. We know that Activision weren't shown Modern Warfare 2 until late on in the development cycle.

Is it too hard to believe that Activision may have demonstrated it's strength in forcing changes on the PC Community to line it's own pockets?

This would certainly explain the almost death-like silence from both parties, seemingly unable to respond to its own forums, as well as critics. Yet when leaked footage appears, they have statements out almost immeadiately.

Are Infinity Ward currently under the controlling thumb of their publishers?

Without word from either company it's unlikely we'll know for sure anytime soon. Until this matter reaches any semblance of clarity, we're forced to follow through with our standard response. Infinity Ward made this game, they'll continue to hear our complaints unless someone can finally set the record straight.

Finally, I leave you with this interview, courtesy of VG247. The questions and answers portrayed within seem to suggest a lot more issues behind the scenes. I'll let you decide for yourselves. ... nt-page-1/


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