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    - BF:BC2 PC Requirements Released

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    - BattleField: Bad Co. 2 Added

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    - We Pwn Noobs

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    - MW2 MP Problem

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    - No Dedicated Servers is Bad

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Latest News

Call of Duty: Modern WarFail 2

Battlefield: Bad Co 2 PC requirements Released | December 2, 2009 | Posted by PPN

EA released today the specs for both upcoming Battlefield games on the PC, namely Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 1943. Let's see how your/my PC shapes up.

Both games run on the same engine, so both share the same specs. And those are:

Minimum Specs

  • Processor: Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz
  • Main memory: 2GB
  • Graphics card: GeForce 7800 GT / ATI X1900
  • Graphics memory: 256MB
  • OS: Windows XP
  • Free HDD space: 15GB for Digital Version, 10GB for Disc Version (BFBC2), 10GB for Digital Version, 4GB for Disc Version (BF1943)

Recommended Specs

  • Processor: Quadcore
  • Main memory: 2GB
  • Graphics card: GeForce GTX 260
  • Graphics memory: 512MB
  • OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Free HDD space: 15GB for Digital Version, 10GB for Disc Version (BFBC2), 10GB for Digital Version, 4GB for Disc Version (BF1943)


Battlefield: Bad Co 2 Added to Group | November 25, 2009 | Posted by PPN

[NEW!] We have decided that we will be adding BF:BC2 servers to our game play stable as soon as they become available..

Of course we all know Modern Warfare 2 was a piece of shit release without any dedicated servers, mods tools, admin or community support, so with this in mind, we will be offing a server or two for the DICE release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the PC.. We have no date yet and since the game isn't out until Mar 2010, it'll be a while. I just want to let you all know so we can prepare, gather up some members/teammates, and so on.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on this and lets get some people involved here.. need more members / friends.

Public Server Down | October 30, 2009 | Posted by PPN

[UPDATED] We have repaired the Killhouse server and it should be up now and accepting connections. Get on in there and have some fun!

For what we surmise as a PunkBuster update issue, our public Killhouse server is temporarily offline. It will remain offline until we can determine what exactly is keeping it from restarting properly. We're very sorry about this, but stuff happens.. With this in mind, we may add a 3rd server, a standard, normal map rotaion public server to make up for it.. this one is still under discussions, so you may want to check back in a day or 2..

Once again, we're sorry about this we'll be working to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you would like access to our password (private) server, just drop us a line on the contact page.

Introduction | October 21, 2009 | Posted by PPN


Welcome to the new PPN Studio CoD 4 site. We'll be having some sort info and maybe even a new clan / group starting in a month or two. So, if you have any questions, these paragraphs should address them or point you to where they can be addressed.

There are a few terms-of-use rules you need to follow if you want to use this site but they are simple to follow. The first is that you must respect all other players. No chances will be given with this rule. Period. The second is that you must have fun, and help build the team. This one is easy, just tell your friends. :)

If you wish to add your own sponsors you are permitted to do so by submitting them to the site admin.

The Modern Warfare 2 Problem | October 20th 2009 | Posted by Staff

Rob Bowling, community manager (Gamer / Geek / Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward... as he says on his Twitter page) at Infinity Ward was kind enough to guest on the panel on BASH today. He let everyone in on the news that IW was taking Modern Warfare in a new direction.

The online game on PC has changed. Dedicated servers are out. is in.

This is a game changer and many of you may not be too happy. I for one will be complaining till its fixed. Itís all I can do. You can too: SIGN THE PETITION.
Here is what BASH's site had to say.

Fourzerotwo was on the BASH webcast this morning talking about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and he had a few surprises for the PC community.

Here are the snippets:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

  • We're doing a lot on the backend to make the game accessible for everyone.
  • There is no delay for the PC version of MW2
  • There's prestige mode
  • Jason West at the MP event, said that he was dead on, on the matchmaking servers. We've been building a system on the backend called IW.NET.
  • You are completely reliant on IW.NET. There are no server lists. There are no dedicated servers.
  • You have private matches where you can customize the game
  • You cannot put MW2 on a dedicated server.
  • This is the first time we've ever done something like this and the team has huge plans for what IW.NET develops into.
  • Customizing your have quite a few options in a private match
  • You're getting same game (as in Console), plus matchmaking and private match.
  • Server admin point-of view, NO DEDICATED SERVERS

I've summarized some of my own thoughts from the cast here:


  • IW partnering through Steam is what you will see in the future. Matchmaking is not through Steam, but IW.NET is run in conjunction with Steam.
  • GSP's will no longer be renting out servers.
  • No PunkBuster. VAC will be used as an anti cheat.
  • Retail distribution: Pre-orders will get a disk. Or you could order from Steam.
  • DLC may now need to be paid for - not confirmed.
  • Piracy was only a small reason for going to IW.NET - not the whole reason.


  • No more clan servers. Private matches, replace clan servers.
  • Listen servers will connect to each other.
  • IW.NET/Steam will replace the community server admin

Competitive Gaming

  • Competitive gaming has changed forever.
  • It might be possible in the future for IW engineers to load a "competitive" setting on IW.NET, but it is far from a guarantee. It might also never happen.


  • Modding the game is now very much in question. Fourzerotwo had no info on modding. However, it appears that there will be no mods or maps for MW2.
  • Modding in SpecOps? Unknown.

Today our game has changed for ever.

I'll leave this post with Josh Peckler's comments from

The server community is what's made us. It's what defined us.

IW.NET is getting the PC community to turn into consoles. You're trying to re-write our history.

Listen to the full recording

THIS IS A BAD MOVE. You have to put in dedicated servers or this game is not going to sell on PC. What you are doing with no dedi servers is killing: 1.) The competitive community. 2.) Mods. 3.) shoutcasting possibilities, 4.) private / clan severs.


You can not do this. If you do this the game will release with horrible PC sales. And it wont be because of piracy or any other factor, no it will be because you changed the fundamental values of pc gaming. YOU RUINED IT!

Why Not Having Dedicated Servers is Bad | October 20th 2009 | Posted by Ross

Originally posted by starfleet1bop Blog at on 2009.10.18 15:50:18

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

So why is this article needed? It is needed because the PC community needs valid reasons to present to IW and the console community as to why we need dedicated server functionality.

On the reasons - BTW if you know of any more reasons please contact m..


Dedicated servers are usually always provided by big game hosting companies, with massive bandwidth DSL connections. They have direct access to the internet backbone providing upload speeds in excess of 100 MBits/s. Now lets scale that back to the average user, lowest tier access to the internet with low priority connection, upload speed generally around 0.5-1.0 MBits/s. I don't know about you but that is not at all good when compared to what game server hosts provide, a 99% reduction in bandwidth. I realise this won't result in a 100 times worse connection, but it will definitly increase ping, if you are in the same state or country you will likely get a ping of 100-250 milliseconds, different state or country? 250-1000 milliseconds seems about right. This would result in awful hit registration and lag. This alone would make competitive play extremely difficult and public play very unpleasant.

Host drop out

The host of the game leaves for whatever reason, and so bang goes the game. I know IW will likely put in some feature that makes another player in the game a host, but this will most likely be not very good and may not work all the time, and in the best scenario would result in a delay in play. This is unacceptable, it disrupts and destroys gameplay and would destroy competitive play. Unless you have a poor server, the game will always be on with no disruptions.


This links in with Latency and host drop out. Big server companies pay lots of money for specialist server and networking equipment, and their sole purpose is to provide a server for you. The server they give you has one purpose alone, to host games, not host games and play them at the same time and whatever else goes on in the average PC. This will affect gameplay, if the host cannot handle hosting the game either due to poor hardware and/or poor connection, the whole game will lag (don't believe me? go play a company of heroes game against a 1 bar performance person), also RTS experience has shown that you don't even need a dodgy host to lag the game, all you need is someone with a PC that has a poor spec and it ruins the game for everyone.

No community

How can there be a community if there is no central point to access a game. It has been revealed there will be no server browser, and as there are no servers there will be no IP addresses to give out. So how can you advertise a game/match to the general public to play? Like on a clan website or whatever. And once the host is gone, the game ends, so you can't invite people to the same match again or keep it running. Whereas with a dedicated server you can advertise the IP, and people can come and go as they please, and you can create a community of gamers around that server. You cannot have regulars to a match if it ends when everyone leaves.

Lack of control

You most definitly won't be able to customise a match like you can with a dedicated server, so you will lose a lot of control. You won't be able to ban people, kicking you may be able to but it won't be the same either way. You also won't be able to get the gameplay exactly how you like it as there will be no config files, no more server cvars, no more mods, no more maps, basically no third party stuff at all. Competitive gameplay can forget it, as there most likely won't be enough configuration options available, and competition mods like promod just won't be able to exist.

No Mods, maps, hence no modding community

You won't be able to use third party maps or mods as there are no dedicated servers to put them onto. No competitive mods, no competitive gaming. Can't install mods? Then there will be no point in making them anymore so a whole group of people just die out.

No scrims/competitive matches

As there is no server browser, or IP address to give out, how do you advertise your server in general to strangers who are not on your friends list? You can't, it will be very awkward to add somebody to your friends list so you can invite them to a server if they a stranger, this means getting scrims/matchs over IRC will become impossible: not everyone will want to advertise their ingame name or have people adding them as friends just to play a match, there are no server IPs so advertising for a match will require some creative thinking. Basically it will become such a big farse to get a scrim it will become impossible.

Destruction of server ecosystem

This is more of a business and financial point, which can make it even more important. No dedicated servers = No server hosting companies. There are lots of games still out there that use dedicated servers, but big releases bring in lots of money for these companies, so they will lose a lot of business and hence money, this will affect everybody, not just CoD players. If server companies go bust because of this every PC gamer will suffer, CoD fan or not. Also dedicated servers are the foundation of many gaming communities, without servers, they become pointless. Even more money will be lost because of this, as there is no central way of joining up in a match without a server IP for strangers/general public (remember matches are not 24/7 like game servers), these communities will just disappear.

VAC is bad - Cheating

I know punkbuster is extremely annoying, but it is simply better at catching cheaters than VAC. Just look at the Counter Strike games for an example, it is extremely easy to get away with cheating when using VAC. Cheating destroys the gaming experience for everyone and makes the game not worth playing.


As there is no server browser, you can no longer choose which match to play on. The game chooses for you, whether you like the match it connects you to or not is tough, as you cannot browse directly for a game you like. Sure there will most likely be filters, but the experience is diminished, and it will be a farse waiting for the matchmaker to find, and then connect you to a game. Also mentioned in the fateful interview, is that you will be paired up with people of the same rank. Rank is not an indicator of skill, any n00b can rank up to level 55 without any skill at all. You won't be able to choose who you play with/against, and you won't be able to judge their skill on their rank.

No more big games

You won't be able to have big games without a dedicated server because of the Latency and performance issues mentioned above. The average person's connection just won't be able to handle it, even small games will suffer without the bandwidth of a dedicated server company.

No competitive gaming

Competitive gaming has been mentioned throughout this posting so for additional reasons you should have read this article better. As there is no competitive gaming there will be no more clans or gaming communities as we know it, simply because competitive gaming relies on dedicated servers in almost every aspect. Without a dedicated server you will not be able to customise the match as greatly as you would with a server, IW will most likely not create a competitive gaming mode (why would they? If they did they would'nt have removed dedicated servers in the first place), no server browser or server IPs would make it very hard for strangers to get into the match, there will be no spectating or CoDTV so there will be limited coverage of major gaming events, cheating would be massive anyway as VAC is a poor anti-cheat solution so why bother playing competitivly? As there can be no server mods for obvious reasons, gameplay cannot be changed in the way that promod can change it, for the better, another reduction of control.

Symptom of a larger problem

All in all, the removal of dedicated servers is the symptom of a much larger problem: lack of support for the PC platform. By removing dedicated servers IW is making the PC experience more like the console experience is nearly everyway. If I wanted a console experience I would have brought a console, not a gaming PC. There is no reason for the PC gaming platform to exist if there are no differences between the console version of the game and the PC version, sure you have the keyboard and mouse, but that is all you have that is unique and special about the PC now. MW2 is basically just a straight console port, with most of the effort going into the console version of the game (Proof: the map packs came out on console before PC, so more effort is going into console), this results in a lesser experience for PC users, and also more issues later on, like bugs (they still havn't fixed the bugs in CoD4), and as we are a forgotton platform we will not recieve a patch until much later than the consoles receive one. The lack of support for the PC is growing, and the actions by IW may affect every new PC game devoloped by Activision, and even the industry in general. This trend needs to be reversed fast, or the day's of playing games on the PC may be numbered.

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